Malaysia Business Registration- Sdn Bhd Company

With great opportunities, Malaysia is fast becoming one of the main destinations in Asia for the registration of companies in Malaysia. In Malaysia, foreigners can own 100% of the company if they are registered as Sdn Bhd The Malaysian Companies Commission (SSM) is the managing authority that controls all records of Malaysian companies. Registration must be made through a local company secretary.

Malaysia Business Registration- Sdn Bhd Company

The registration of companies in Malaysia is carried out by Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) or known as the Malaysian Commission. Depending on the type of activity, the paid-up capital and the application for a work permit, there are three main types of companies that foreigners can establish in Malaysia: a 100% foreign company, a joint venture with a Malaysian partner, a company private limited by shares.

Foreign Company

These companies are wholly owned and controlled by foreign directors. The concept of business must be unique, useful for the economy and employment of Malaysia and must be approved according to the principle of 100% foreign ownership. The minimum capital requirement paid is RM 500,000 for consultancy and consulting firms and RM 1 million for company imports, exports, restaurants and trade.

Joint Venture

For these companies, foreign directors maintain a minimum control of 50% on the company. The other half is owned by Malaysian investors and business partners. Minimum authorized capital of RM 500,000 and capital injection of RM 350,000 are required.

Moreover, company secretary is an important part of your business as they will have to address the rules, policies, standards, code of ethics and guidelines during the company registration process. At the Paul Hype page, our secretarial services will ensure that our experienced business professionals not only consult with best practices, but also provide the full range of services including advice, regulation, preparation or resolution and so on. All company secretarial services are governed by the Malaysia Companies Act of 1965.

There are also various types of business in Malaysia such as restaurant business, export & import business etc. Depending on the type of company the registration procedure may vary.

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