Sole Proprietor/ Partnership Business Registration in Malaysia

Sole Proprietor or Partnership Business Registration in Malaysia

How to Start a Business in Malaysia and How to Register?

Consider starting your business at the following agencies to help you learn a new chapter in your life.
  • Single-owner (or generally corporate/trading company)
  • Partnership
  • Sdn Bhd (Private Limited)

Why do partnerships, sole proprietorship or enterprise?

Only partnership with owners can be registered and easily started with minimal capital requirements.
Go to the SSM office business registration counter and follow the application process within 1-2 hours. You can start your business immediately!

What do I need before I go to the SSM office?

  • You must be a Malaysian citizen or have permanent resident. (Foreigners cannot register single-family housing or citizenship)
  • A copy of the Malaysian ID card of the employer/partner.
  • Cash (RM120 - RM150)

What is the disadvantage of proprietary ownership/partnership?

  • Unlimited liabilities: You are personally responsible and liable for all business loans.
  • A proprietary owner or partnership ends immediately after the business or the owner or partner withdraws after death.

How do you choose your business name?

You can use your personal name or another type of name that are not used by other company in Malaysia as a business purpose.
One of the advantages of a limited liability company is that it is a limited liability, so each member enjoys this facility. The advantage of a public company and a partner company. Start the business immediately after obtaining a certificate from a private company.

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