What is the company registration fees in Thailand?

The process of registering company is pretty straight forward. Placement of right documents to authorities is all it takes to complete the process. But if you think preparing documents and submitting them is enough, then you are wrong. You have to pay several government fees and payments for document processing. You also have to show source of capital to authorities for initializing your company. Here we will explain about fees and costs you have to pay to register a new company.

If you are a native entrepreneur, you have to come up with a capital money of 300,000 baht. In case of foreign investor, the registration capital must be at least 2 million baht. You must know that; a native investor must pay up 30,000 baht during the time of registration.

company registration fees in Thailand

For MoA registration, you have to pay 50 baht per 100,000 baht. The payment ranges from 500 baht to 25,000 baht depend upon capital invested.

There is a flexibility in paying taxation. It is not payable monthly rather you need to pay tax once a year. The tax amount depends upon annual estimated company incomes.
On the other side, VAT is applicable for all purchases. Moreover, you need to pay a monthly VAT to your income if your income reaches VAT limit point.

Here is the payment list you need to check for completing the registration process:

1.      A service charge for company registration process. At least 17000 baht. in case the cash capital for registration is below 5 million.
2.      Tax ID fee is free
3.      Registration charge for VAT is free
4.      Company stamp will cost you 500 baht
5.      Service fee implies a VAT of 7% which makes it 1190 baht.
6.      A government fee ranges from 24,000 baht to 30,000 baht.

A new Thai company need to pay 7,000 baht for 1 million baht registered capital. This is applicable for a company where there won’t be any foreign employees. It is also applicable if a foreign investor has Thai spouse.

If the company decided to hire foreign employees, the government fess scale changes. You need to pay 12,000 baht for 2 million baht registered capital.

For majority of foreign shareholders, registered capital must be 3 million baht. It must not be less than that. The government fees four this capital is about 35,000 baht.

7. In an addition, you also have to pay consultant and lawyer fees for assisting in company startup.

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Q. How much capital I need to come up with if my company has foreigner employer?

You have to show a registered capital of 2 million baht.

How much I have to pay for registering for VAT and tax?

A. There is no fee required for tax registration. The registration charge of VAT is also free until your monthly income reaches VAT limit.


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