Company Secretarial Services in Malaysia

Company Secretarial Services in Malaysia

The company secretary is responsible for the effective administration of the company, in particular regarding compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and to ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Board of Directors. Despite the name, the role is not a documentary or a secretary. Moreover, the company's secretaries are responsible for maintaining the organization in line with normal financial and legal practices and maintaining high standards of corporate governance. Even if they do not necessarily provide legal advice, they must have a full understanding of the laws that affect their areas of work.

Any company registered as Private Limited (Sdn.Bhd.) Is required to appoint a company secretary. The role and functions of the company's secretary in Malaysia are defined in the Association of Secretaries with which the licenses are managed and regulated by the Malaysian Commission.
The secretary is an employee of the company and their functions can be far-reaching. While the company law does not usually define the role of company secretary, it generally takes the following duties:  register of all taxes on the company's activities. minutes of general assemblies and council meetings etc.

Key Skills of a Company Secretary 

Candidates must have diplomacy, diligent attention to detail, good numerical skills, organizational and temporal and a real commercial interest. Excellent calculating, secretary, interpersonal, team and written / verbal communication skills are also important
The company secretary cannot be a director, but is often held liable for breach of obligations in the same way as members of the board of directors. As mentioned above, the secretary has many administrative responsibilities, including the completion of the House of Companies statements and compliance with the company law.