Malaysia Business Overview

Malaysia, one of the most successful countries in South-East Asia, is a continually developing middle-income country. While the development of the country is governed by the government, the Malaysian economy is always open and rapidly evolving towards technology and innovation.

Malaysia Business Overview

It is designed to modernize the country's economy based on economic plans developed by the government, which aims to turn Malaysia into a highly profitable country by 2020. The economy is oriented towards high added value industries and services that are far from the country's dependency on natural resources and are aimed at improving the welfare of the population.

Despite these successes, these goals improve business in Malaysia and reinforce the prestige of South-East Asia by expanding other key assets in the country: the population that speaks about the major companies in the UK and South-East Asia. Additionally, the regulatory and financial environment was designed to bring relatively low taxes on global competitiveness to promote Malaysia's attractiveness.

Finally, the relatively high percentage of the average income will soon become a very attractive customer base for the business. Domestic and foreign companies use an open environment to capture part of Malaysia's important and important market.

Key Sectors of Malaysia

Rich in natural resources such as wood and oil, Malaysia has developed a leading position in the production and processing of palm oil. Large industrial production, a leader in electronics, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, makes Malaysia a strong industrial country.

However, services have also grown exponentially in Malaysia: the undisputed leader in digital technology, e-commerce and the region of mobile applications, Malaysia is also an important financial center, especially in Islamic finance, where Malaysia has become a world leader.

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